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Best Off Roading Tours In Moab Utah

Moab, Utah is an outdoor paradise offering all kinds of outdoor recreation. It is nestled between 2 national parks, has multiple designated tourist areas, a beautiful red rock desert landscape and the La Sal Mountain range. This means that visitors to the area will find plenty to keep them occupied.

The best time to visit Moab is in the spring or fall but you can also beat the crowds by visiting in the summer. Just ensure you stay hydrated and well-protected from the sun because temperatures can soar to more than 100 degrees in summer.

Depending on your budget and taste, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation. You can choose from luxury hotels, camping/RVs, motels, condos or house rentals. Moab also has lots of shops lining Main Street ranging from boutiques to local art shops and souvenir stores.

Off-Roading Tours In Moab

Of all the outdoor recreation opportunities in Moab, off-roading is what has really put the town on the map. The gorgeous red rock desert has an abundance of rock formations and slickrock that make the area an off-roading heaven. As the premier auto repair shop in Moab, we have had the pleasure of making some of the finest custom-built 4x4s to help off-roaders hit the trails.

However, you don’t have to be an experienced off-roader to enjoy the trails and parks around Moab. You can simply book one of the numerous tours and have a guide do all the driving while you sit back and sightsee.

Here are some of the top Moab off-roading tours worth your time:

  • Hell’s Revenge 4x4 Off-Roading Tour from Moab

Hell’s Revenge is one of Moab’s most famous trails and now you too can take it on thanks to a 4WD tour. For this tour, you’ll be driving a 4-passenger Kawasaki Teryx 4 UTV. You will follow an experienced guide as you drive over rugged terrain, steep climbs and deserts all while being treated to some incredible views. During the tour, you’ll drive down Hell’s Revenge then up the steep incline of Devil’s Backbone with a stop at Lion’s Back to see fossilized dinosaur tracks. Keep your eyes peeled for breathtaking views of the La Sal Mountains, Colorado River, Negro Bill Canyon, and Abyss Canyon.

You’ll be traveling in a group of up to 4 vehicles and you can choose the morning, afternoon or sunset adventure. The entire trip should take approximately 2 ½ hours and in addition to the guide, you’ll also be given bottled water.

  • Arches National Park 4x4 Adventure from Moab

Be a part of this tour and let a knowledgeable guide take you to the remote locations and isolated corners of Arches National Park. Going only where 4WD vehicles can go is a novel way to experience this legendary park, far from the crowds. Your guide will fill you in on local geology, history and legends while pointing out some of the notable landmarks. These include Tower Arch - soaring 92 feet (28 meters), giant sandstone fins like Marching Men and Eye of the Whole as well as some tall spires. Make sure you take several pictures of the well-preserved dinosaur footprints that you’ll come across.

Ice water and lemonade are provided as you drive down this park that has featured in many movies like Indiana Jones and Last Crusade. Remember to carry a camera and adequate sun protection.

  • Canyonlands National Park Half-Day Tour from Moab

Canyonlands National Park should be part of your must-go places in Moab and this tour is guaranteed to ensure you fully experience the splendor of the park. The trip takes about 4 hours and starts and ends in Moab. You’ll have a professional guide driving the vehicle so you can relax and take in the rugged, red stone interior of the park while snapping as many photos as possible. Highlights of this tour include the stunning Island in The Sky sandstone mesa which stands more than 1000ft (200 meters) tall as well as Gooseneck Overlook.

As you go down the switchbacks of White Rim trail, you’ll come across rock art from the ancient Pueblo Civilization. Your guide will also stop at several scenic lookouts so you can get a panoramic view of the spectacular cliffs and canyons. For an even better experience, book a sunset tour.

  • Moab Combo: Colorado River Rafting and Canyonlands National Park

Speaking of fantastic experiences, how about combining white-water rafting with off-roading by taking the Moab Combo tour. You’ll get to enjoy a full day's trip lasting about 8 hours, starting with off-roading at Canyonlands National Park. You’ll rock-crawl your way past the Island in the Sky, White Rim, and Shafer Trails then catch a buffet lunch before hopping on a raft for a guided trip down the mighty Colorado River.

This is an excellent tour for the whole family and no previous rafting experience is required. All the necessary rafting equipment will be provided including lifesavers. This is one tour you don’t want to miss!

  • Hell’s Revenge Sunset UTV Tour

Going through the infamous Hell’s Revenge at sunset makes for an unforgettable adventure. You can either choose to drive your own UTV or ride with a guide into the sunset for a memorable rock-crawling adventure. The steep ledges, sandstone domes and Devil’s Backbone are all perfect backdrops for awesome photos as the sun goes down. You’ll make several stops along the trail to learn the history and stories about Moab and the surrounding landscape. Finally, after about 2 ½ hours, you’ll drive back to Moab at dusk, having been treated to a breathtaking sunset.

These are just some of the more notable off-roading tours you can take part in when visiting Moab. There are plenty of others available depending on your budget and appetite for adventure. Regardless of the tour you choose, you are guaranteed to have a good time as off-roading in Moab never disappoints. Remember to carry extra water, a hat and sunscreen and you’ll have the time of your life!

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