Best Off Road Trails To Do In Moab With A Simple Truck

At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we love hitting the trails almost as much as we love building custom rigs. Since we’d like as many people as possible to experience the thrill of pitting metal against rock, we decided to start off-roading education and trail ride events. Many of the novices who sign up to our off-road training class are often eager but hesitant to sign up for our southern Utah trail rides. The major reason is that they don’t think their 4x4s can withstand the rigors of Moab’s trails.

The good news is that there are so many Moab trails with different ratings that finding one to suit your vehicle and driving skill won’t be difficult.

Here are 5 trails that are perfect for simple pickup trucks:

  1. Chicken Corners Off Road Trail

This trail runs for 54 miles and starts at downtown Moab and goes along the southern part of the Colorado River. It might take you about 3 and a half hours to complete this route, following the river downstream and descending the Kane Creek anticline. Watch out for some ancient rock art at the roadside as well some unusual caves.

  1. Deadman Point Off Road Trail

Don’t let the name scare you, this is actually a scenic, relaxed 90-mile trail that passes through some interesting areas. The route is bordered by Hellroaring Canyon to the south and the Green River to the west, giving you magnificent views of both. The trail isn’t difficult to negotiate with small ledges, an easy dirt road, and slight twisting descents.

  1. Crystal Geyser Off Road Trail

If you choose this trail, you’ll start your trip in Moab and finish near the Green River. You’ll pass through colorful, beautiful, desolate country and notable landmarks such as Little Grand Wash, Salt Wash and the “rainbow rocks”. Also, be on the lookout for Crystal Geyser which erupts once or twice a day. Make sure your truck has enough ground clearance to avoid getting stuck on some rocks along the route.

  1. HellRoaring Rim Off Road Trail

This is another pleasant, scenic trail with a great name and it’s ideal for those looking to catch some sights while trying their hand at off-roading. The minimal obstacles along the route can be handled by a stock 4×4 and you’ll be surprised at just what your truck can do. Along the way, you’ll be delighted with the beauty of the southwest but the confluence of the Green River and Hellroaring Canyon at Labyrinth Canyon is sure to steal your breath away.

  1. Hurrah Pass Off Road Trail

If you want an easy scenic drive in your truck, with enough obstacles to keep you busy without being overwhelming, this is the trail for you. The route goes straight to the top of Hurrah Pass where you can take in the grand views of the Kane Creek drainage as well as the Colorado River basin and Dead Horse Point in the distance.

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