The Best Gifts for Off-Roaders Under $150

The holidays may be over but that doesn’t mean we can’t gift off-roaders in our lives. After all, who doesn’t love receiving gifts? Plus they are more special when they’re unexpected.

Whether you’re shopping for a newbie to ensure they can navigate their way around out on the trails or for an off-roader with decades of experience under their belt, our list of affordable gifts has something for everyone. Even better, you don’t have to break the bank or hurt your wallet to get these gifts.

Affordable Gifts that Make Off-roaders Lives’ Easier

  1. A Navigation App

A key part of off-roading is knowing where you are and where you’re going. Thanks to technology, we no longer have to lug around maps of off-roading trails. Now we can simply carry them around on our mobile devices. Navigation apps have changed the game and made off-roading so much easier than before and none stands out more than onX Offroad. This app is packed with great features allowing you to easily navigate thousands of trails in North America. The app helps you save your favorite routes, mark Waypoints, get important details on trails as well as find recreation points along the way. Give your off-roader the gift of this navigation app and they’ll never be at a loss on where to go adventuring next.

  1. Radios

Part of the fun in off-roading comes from the camaraderie you have with your friends out on the trails. It wouldn’t be as much fun if you couldn’t communicate. A hand-held two-way radio is an ideal gift for the off-roaders in your life. This allows them to communicate with each other, spot each other over obstacles, alert each other to danger and generally enhance their off-roading experience. Look for radios that have excellent signals no matter how remote the locations get.

  1. Medical Kit

A lot of off-roaders invest plenty of money in building up an emergency kit for their rigs but forget to buy a simple first aid kit for themselves. You never know what can go wrong on the trail so it’s always good to be prepared. Buy your off-roader a well-equipped and packed first aid box and it could make all the difference in an emergency. Ensure that it is stocked with the essentials including gauze, bandages, salve, antiseptic, etc., and make sure they’re easy to locate. Also, make sure that the recipient knows how to use them.

  1. A phone mount.

What’s more annoying than trying to get your phone when off-roading only to have it fly out of the cup-holder or slide across the dashboard. For some reason phones always seem to prefer the car floor or sliding underneath the seats. Solve this problem by getting that special off-roader a phone mount that will keep their phone securely in place no matter how rugged and bumpy the terrain gets.

  1. An air-down device

While lift kits and differentials have important roles to play in boosting a rig’s off-roading prowess, you can’t ignore the importance of increased traction. Airing down tires on the trail helps increase their surface area and increases traction over some surfaces. That’s why you should gift your off-roader with an airing-down device such as a tire deflator kit. This prevents them from sticking a key into the valve system whenever they want to air down their tires.

  1. Storage boxes

No one likes a messy vehicle. You can’t have a swanky customized interior only to clutter it with stuff. To help off-roaders keep their vehicles neat and tidy, get them storage boxes that are versatile enough to carry their food or gear while still withstanding a lifetime of abuse on the trail. This way, they’ll know where to stash their supplies and gear and quickly find what they’re looking for when needed.

  1. Kit bags

While the ride needs storage boxes, off-roaders too need bags to carry their personal items. A gift of a duffel bag made from strong, durable, and preferably lightweight and waterproof material would be welcome. This would be a perfect way of stowing away personal gear and they can be used as travel bags on long off-roading trips. Choose one that’s made to last to ensure your off-roader gets the most out of it.

  1. Off-road apparel

If you were to ask off-roaders, most of them would admit to wanting more comfortable apparel. If you’re going to spend time out on the trails, you need clothes that keep up with your lifestyle, not those that itch or wear out every so often. Invest your money in gifting them apparel with plenty of pockets for all the stuff they need. Also, surprise them with apparel that’s specifically designed to look good and feel great outdoors.

Other Gifts to Surprise Off-roaders With

If you’re all out of gift ideas and want to make a lasting impact on a special off-roader in your life, why not give their favorite toy a treat?

At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we spend plenty of time working on custom builds and we guarantee nothing makes an off-roader happier than sprucing up their rides. You can choose to spring for one of the auto shop services we offer including a full-vehicle service and maintenance or a pre-trail preparation package. Alternatively, you can opt to treat their vehicle to a post-trail package to ensure that it’s up and running after a day of damage on the trail.  

If you want something flashier, we’ll be glad to give your off-roaders’ ride a custom paint job. You can also choose to upgrade their rims and tires, the fender flares, get a headlamp conversion done, or go with a full-body kit installation. For something even more special, give their vehicle’s interior a custom makeover to match their personality.

While some of these upgrades aren’t under $150, they are sure to make any rig stand out and turn heads when hitting the trail. We’re sure that will have any off-roader feeling special.

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