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The Benefits Of A Long Arm Upgrade For Your Truck

One of the most appealing things about owning a truck is the unlimited possibilities it opens up. Want to haul stuff? Your truck is up for it. Want to go on an outdoors adventure and need to tow boats, campers or trailers? No problem. Above all, your truck can take you just about anywhere once you make a few necessary truck modifications and upgrades.

However, in order to traverse wet, muddy or rocky terrain, your truck needs to have adequate ground clearance as well as the right wheels, tires, shocks, etc. Without these, you risk shredding your vehicle’s undercarriage on sharp rock edges and other obstacles you encounter on rough terrain. This, in turn, would damage sensitive components like your fuel tank, drivetrain, etc. Additionally, good ground clearance comes in handy when driving in wet areas like when crossing streams or rivers. Sitting high above the ground, in this case, makes it harder for water to get into your engine and flood it.

So how do you go about getting that vital ground clearance? Well, you can go for a body lift but if you want to lift your truck higher than 3 inches, we recommend getting a suspension lift kit. There are two types of suspension lifts –short and long arm kits. These are named depending on how they attach to your truck and the additional components the kits come with.

What is a Long Arm Upgrade?

When looking to fit bigger tires on your truck or giving your vehicle more inches above the ground, there are several methods you can choose. One of these is changing your truck’s suspension components by installing a long arm kit. This is essentially a new suspension system for your truck.

A long arm suspension upgrade involves using longer control arms that mount further back on the vehicle in order to reduce and bring the suspension angles closer to the stock geometry. Because of this, they end up taking more space than short arm lifts.

Here at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we’ve installed both long and short arm lifts for plenty of our customer’s custom truck builds. Long arm lift kit installation is rather complex and we advise you to leave the job to truck 4x4 specialists. This is because your truck’s exhaust might require modification and there might be a need for the complete removal of the mounting brackets, welding on new ones as well as replacement of other drivetrain and suspension components. Any mistake during installation could result in a truck that handles poorly, endangering both you and other road users.

Benefits of A Long Arm Upgrade

The ground clearance in stock vehicles is nothing to sneer at, but when it comes to building off-roading beasts, a little more clearance is required.

But just what are the benefits of getting a long arm upgrade for your truck?

  • Better off-road performance.

The increased ground clearance brought about by a long arm kit ensures that your truck can easily clear obstacles when traversing rough terrain. The added height makes it easy for you to go rock crawling or tear through undergrowth without worrying about damaging any critical components on your vehicle’s undercarriage.

  • Greater wheel travel.

With long arm kit installation comes greater wheel travel. This not only provides a smoother ride but also increases your truck’s traction and leads to greater performance on the trail.

  • Better approach and departure angles.

The key to conquering even the most obstinate obstacles lies in choosing the right approach and departure angles. Getting a long arm kit upgrade makes this so much easier and reduces your chances of snagging your rig on a rock ledge or flipping over as you attempt a technical maneuver.

  • It allows for extra-large tires.

If you were looking for a way to slap on some bigger, meatier wheels and tires on your truck, you should consider getting a long arm upgrade. Those extra inches of clearance mean that you can easily fit 35” or 37” tires on your truck with no problem. However, remember that there are advantages to maintaining a low center of gravity so confirm the tire size recommendation from your truck manufacturer and your mechanic.

  • Reduces stress on vehicle and suspension components.

Extreme control arm angles, such as those on short arm lift kits, are harder on a vehicle’s suspension components. This leads to poor vehicle handling, limited suspension travel and an overall bumpy ride as the shocks produce a choppy movement as you drive. Conversely, a long arm kit placed at a less drastic angle offers more range of motion and doesn’t put undue stress on the truck’s suspension components.

  • Better ride quality.

As earlier explained, a long arm kit is usually set further back on the vehicle, reducing the operating angle for the control arms. This produces a smoother ride both on and off the pavement. As the wheel travels a greater distance, it produces a gentle up and down motion that doesn’t jar the vehicle.

  • It enhances your truck’s appearance.

You have to admit that there’s something special about sitting on a rig that’s high up the ground. Besides that, your truck will look intimidating and badass, commanding respect from all those you encounter out on the trail.

We have to reiterate that installing a long arm kit on your truck is a complex process since it might involve the removal and replacement of some drivetrain or suspension components. This isn’t a job to undertake at home. Instead, bring your ride to any of the Dixie 4 Wheel auto stores and let our experienced technicians work on it. Being a full-service off-road superstore, we have the equipment to cut and weld all your suspension components to ensure that the long arm lift is installed correctly. We’ll also check that everything works correctly before you leave to avoid any future problems.

So contact us today if you’re thinking about getting a long arm upgrade for your truck and we’ll be happy to advise you on the process.


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