The Benefits of Adding Gears to Your Overland or Off-Road Truck

There are a lot of different things that you can do to your truck so that it’s ready for off-road use. You can modify the suspension, add different wheels or tires, and even change the outside appearance of your truck with aftermarket parts. 

If you’re looking to take your truck into new territory and don’t want to be limited by its performance, you might want to consider adding gears as well. There are many benefits to adding a manual transmission or other types of gears in your overland or off-road truck. 

While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, the advantages are numerous and can open up new opportunities for your vehicle. Here is why you should think about investing in gears for your next excursion into rough terrain.

The Benefits of Manual Transmission

Manual transmissions are more durable than automatic transmissions. They’re also easier to repair when something does go wrong. Manual transmissions have fewer moving parts, so they’re less likely to break down. 

If your transmission does break down and you’re out in the wilderness, you’re also likely to be able to repair it on your own. If you have an automatic transmission, you may not have any spare parts on hand and may have to wait for help. Manual transmissions are great for off-roading because you’re able to control the gears and the shifting with your own hands. You can control the speed and power of your vehicle and take advantage of the engine’s full potential. 

With an automatic transmission, you don’t have as much control. It’s also harder to control the transmission in low-speed situations, like when you’re going uphill or winching. Manual transmissions are also more fuel-efficient than automatic transmissions. They also have a lower carbon footprint, which is great for the environment.

Manual Shifting Automatic Transmission

A manual-shift automatic transmission (MSA) is an automatic transmission that you can shift manually. This type of transmission has a torque converter like a manual transmission. The transmission will shift from one gear to another automatically at certain speeds. However, you can shift the gears manually to ensure that you’re in the right gear for the conditions. 

MSA transmissions are very similar to the standard automatic transmission with manual shifting. They also have an electronic control system that monitors the vehicle to make sure that everything is working correctly. The main difference is that you can manually shift the gears, which gives you more control over your vehicle.

You can also use this type of transmission off-road because you can control the gears manually. Manual shifting automatic transmissions are typically used in vehicles with larger engines, like semi-trucks or big diesel vehicles. These vehicles may require a heavier transmission in order to handle their power.

Automatic Shifting Manual Transmission (DSAT)

Automatic shifting manual transmission (DSAT) is a type of transmission that’s often found in race cars. It’s different from a regular automatic transmission in that the driver can shift gears manually using a paddle. This gives the driver more control over the vehicle. DSAT transmissions are fully manual. 

You can shift between any of the gears at any time, just like with a manual transmission. The main difference is that you have to push a button to do so. This can help prevent accidental gear changes when you’re driving in rough terrain. DSAT transmissions are often found in professional racing vehicles because they’re able to handle extreme power and speed. They’re also commonly used on off-road vehicles because they provide the driver with more control over the vehicle. 

However, DSAT transmissions can be tricky to use, so they’re typically only installed in serious off-road vehicles with experienced drivers.

Dual-range Transfer Case

A dual-range transfer case is a type of transfer case that has two different gear ratios. Most transfer cases have one high-gear ratio and one low-gear ratio. A dual-range transfer case offers two different high-gear ratios. This is helpful for off-roading because it allows you to select which gear ratio will work best in a given situation. 

There are different situations when you would want a high-gear ratio. When you’re driving on pavement and aren’t in rough terrain, you want to be in a lower gear. This will give you maximum power and fuel economy. When you’re driving off-road, however, you want to be in a higher gear. This will give you better torque, which is important for getting out of difficult situations. A dual-range transfer case is a helpful investment for serious off-roaders.

Electronic Lockers

An electronic locker is a type of differential lock that’s installed in the rear of your truck. It helps you get out of sticky situations by distributing power evenly to each wheel. This means that one wheel or tire doesn’t spin while the other remains stationary. This can be helpful when you’re driving on an incline, climbing a hill, or driving through mud or snow. 

Electronic lockers are similar to modified differential lockers. They’re helpful in the same situations and allow you to continue driving without stopping. Electronic lockers are also helpful for off-road racing vehicles. They protect against wheel slippage, which is helpful when traveling at high speeds. They’re also helpful if you’re driving over uneven terrain.

Manual vs Automatic Transmissions

Manual transmissions are more durable than automatic transmissions. They’re also easier to repair when something does go wrong. Manual transmissions have fewer moving parts, so they’re less likely to break down. 

On the other hand, they aren’t as efficient as automatic transmissions and use more fuel. This is why you’ll typically find automatic transmissions in on-road vehicles. Off-road vehicles with larger engines, like semi-trucks or big diesel vehicles, are usually equipped with manual transmissions.

Electronic lockers are helpful when you’re driving off-road. They help you escape difficult situations like driving on an incline, traveling over uneven terrain or driving through mud or snow. A dual-range transfer case is another great investment for off-road vehicles. It gives you more control and allows you to select the best gear for a given situation.

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