The Auto Shop For Quality Work In Grand County, Utah

Dixie 4 Wheel Drive is proud to be the premier 4×4 auto shop for quality work in Grand County Utah. We love being part of the vibrant off-roading culture in Utah, especially in Moab-the center of off-roading adventures this part of the country. With such a fantastic landscape right at our doorstep, how could we not take advantage?

Moab has welcomed thousands of off-road enthusiasts over the years. Some of them have stopped by our award-winning Moab 4×4 auto superstore to get their rides repaired or serviced. Many more have come to us to have their dream vehicle’s built and we’ve always delivered. We take great pride in offering affordable, professional and friendly services to all our customers.

Visit our shop if you want any of these done:

  • Custom Builds With High-Quality Upgrades And Modifications

Whether you are looking for custom 4×4 mods and upgrades to boost off-roading performance, increase horsepower or just to build a one-of-a-kind off-roader, Dixie 4 Wheel Drive has got you covered. We have all the aftermarket performance parts you need to build the truck, Jeep SUV, buggy or UTV of your dreams. Thanks to our experience, we can do things that most other auto shops can’t. We have the tools and equipment to cut, weld and install high-quality upgrades or modifications to transform your truck from an ordinary vehicle to a showpiece.

  • Quality 4×4 Auto Repairs & Mechanic Work

Being avid off-roaders, we know first-hand how tough, rugged terrain can take its toll on your vehicle. This can cause wear and tear on your four-wheeler’s parts. Should anything breakdown out on the trail, bring your vehicle to our Moab auto repair shop. Our expert mechanics will check it out and carry out the necessary repairs to have you back on the road in no time. We carry a wide stock of parts so finding what you need to fix your suspension, brake lines, tires, transmission etc. won’t be a problem.

  • Professional Four Wheel Service & Maintenance

Before and after hitting the trails, stop by our shop to let our experts have a look at your vehicle to determine that it’s roadworthy. Any malfunction or breakdown can compromise your performance, fuel efficiency and, most importantly, your safety so always keep on top of your 4×4 maintenance. Our vehicle servicing includes oil change, tire balance, rotation and alignment, changing air filters, checking and topping off all fluids as well as checking your transfer case, shocks, differentials, brakes and anything else that needs to be in top working order.

If you’re ever in Grand County, Utah, stop by the Dixie 4 Wheel Drive shop in Moab. We’ll be happy to take a look at your 4WD and give you pointers on the best off-roading trails.

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