An Insider’s Guide to Modifying Your Vehicle for Remote Off-Roading Locations

For adventure seekers and avid off-roaders, the call of the wild often leads to remote and exhilarating terrains. To tackle these rugged landscapes, you need to have a modified vehicle for safety and performance.

Here’s the Dixie 4 Wheel Drive insider’s guide to modifying your vehicle for remote off-roading:

Upgrade your wheels and tires.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have the right off-roading tires. These are specially made with deep treads and reinforced sidewalls for better traction on uneven terrain and increased durability.

Upgrade your suspension system.

The next jeep or truck modification should be upgrading your suspension system. You want a robust suspension, or even a suspension lift kit, that provides improved ground clearance to get over rocks, uneven terrain and other obstacles.

Get a skid plate.

Your vehicle’s undercarriage has plenty of vulnerable components such as the transmission and oil pan. A skid plate will safeguard these components from any damage caused by rocks, tree roots and other debris encountered on remote terrains.

Make sure your lights are up to the task.

Once you leave the city lights behind you’ll quickly realize how dark remote areas can be. Equip your custom build with off-road lights such as LED bars and floodlights to provide bright, long-range illumination for those low-visibility situations.

Ensure you have a winch.

Getting stuck is par for the course when taking your ride to remote locations. That’s why you’ll need a suitable winch to pull it out with ease whether you’re stuck in sand, mud or a deep rut.

Sort out your cargo and storage solutions.

Remote off-roading often requires you to carry additional gear and supplies. Consider roof racks, cargo boxes, or interior storage solutions to secure your equipment and keep your vehicle organized.

Ensure you have recovery gear.

Your off-roading prep won’t be complete without essential recovery gear. This includes shackles, tow straps and a recovery board. Also, ensure that you know how to correctly use all the items as you never know when you’ll need to assist fellow off-roaders.

You may need a snorkel.

One of the cooler-looking and essential Jeep mods you need is a snorkel. This isn’t just for water crossings; it also prevents dust and debris from getting into your engine when driving down dusty trails.

Install lockers and differentials.

These help ensure that power is evenly distributed to all wheels, maximizing traction and maneuverability. Consider upgrading your custom ride to limited-slip differentials or electronic lockers if you’ll be doing lots of driving over uneven terrain, steep inclines and challenging obstacles.

Communication gear.

When venturing into remote off-roading locations, reliable communication gear is crucial for safety. You need GMRS radios or a satellite phone to communicate with your fellow off-roaders as well as others if you’re out of cell phone range.

Along with all the above, you also need to make sure you have a well-stocked first aid kit for safety reasons along with a reliable GPS and navigation system to help you stay on course during your off-roading adventure.


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