A Comprehensive List of Items Required for an Off-Road Build Package

We love off-roading because it connects us with the great outdoors in a way that few other activities can. Whether you’re a seasoned off-roader or just starting out in off-roading, building the perfect off-road vehicle is essential for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Here’s a comprehensive list on what you’ll need for an off-road build package:

Off-road tires

To start your custom off-road build, you’ll need the right set of off-road tires. These are specially designed tires with deeper treads and tougher sidewalls to provide better traction and durability. You can choose from all-terrain tires, mud-terrain tires or rock-crawling tires depending on your off-roading preferences.

Suspension lift kit

Your build will need sufficient ground clearance to navigate over larger obstacles without damaging the undercarriage. That’s where a suspension lift kit comes in handy. They’re available in different sizes so choose one that suits your vehicle and needs.

Skid plates and armor

Skid plates and armor will protect your vehicle’s vital components from sustaining damage from tree roots, rocks and other obstacles you’ll encounter on rugged terrain.


A high-quality winch is one of the best off-road mods for off-roading vehicles. It can make the difference between spending the night outdoors or making it back home if you get stuck on the trail.

Off-road lights

You’ll need a set of quality off-road lights to illuminate the trail and improve your visibility, especially if you’re going to go on many nighttime adventures. There are plenty of options to choose from including spotlights, LED light bars and floodlights, among others.

Off-road bumper

Switching stock bumpers for off-road ones will give your ride more protection. They also provide more mounting options if you intend to add modifications like winches, lights and other accessories. As a bonus, they give your vehicle a more aggressive look.

Locking differentials

Locking differentials ensure that power is evenly distributed to both wheels, giving your vehicle better traction in uneven or slippery terrain.

Heavy-duty recovery gear

You never know what challenging situations you’ll encounter on the trail. So equip yourself with recovery gear like shackles, shovels, tow straps and recovery tracks to help you get out of tight spots or to assist fellow off-roaders in need.

Off-road GPS, navigation and communication

Your off-roading adventures can take you to remote areas with poor cell signals and unclear road signs. Investing in a reliable off-road GPS and navigation system will help you avoid getting lost in the middle of nowhere. You’ll also need GMRS radios for better communication.

First aid kit and emergency supplies

Safety should always be a priority when off-roading. Pack a first-aid kit with all essentials you can think of as well as emergency supplies, including a fire extinguisher, in case you run into unexpected situations. Also include spare clothing and enough food, water and personal essentials.

Other items you may consider for your off-road build include performance air intake and exhaust, an on-board air compressor and a snorkel kit if you’ll be doing plenty of driving through water or deep mud.

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