8 Must Do Maintenance Checks Before Going Off-Roading In Your 4×4

At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we love having fun out on the trails and with so many to explore around St. George, who can blame us? One thing we’ve learned is that nothing can ruin a good off-roading adventure faster than having your 4X4 breakdown. That’s why we insist on doing a maintenance check before heading out on the trails.

Here are 8 must-do maintenance checks you have to carry out before off-roading:


You won’t get far if your tires are in poor condition. The first maintenance check is to ensure you have the right tires for the terrain you’re going to be tackling. We’ve seen plenty of rigs get blowouts after attempting some of the popular trails in Moab with the wrong tires.

Once you’ve confirmed they’re the right tires for the job, check that they’re in good condition with no cracking or peeling and they’re not leaking air. The tread depth should be adequate to give you traction and you should also have at least one inflated full-size spare tire with you.

4X4 system

Your 4X4 system is designed to power your rig through all kinds of rugged terrain. However, if you don’t check it beforehand, you won’t realize it’s not working. This could spell disaster if you’re stuck somewhere and your tires don’t spin as they should. So check that the system engages and disengages as it should.


Ensure that all your fluids are topped up. This includes the coolant, oil, power steering, brake, wiper and differential fluids as well as the fuel. It’s always a good idea to carry extra fluids for your trip in case it’s needed.


Some trails can be quite remote and you’ll need a good set of lights to show you where you’re going. So confirm that your high and low beams, fog lights, auxiliary lighting and connectors are all working well.

Electrical system

This is a key piece of your vehicle and you need to confirm that it’s functioning well before your trip. The electrical system runs everything from the motor, winch and lights to the air compressor, lockers and GPS so it needs to be in good working condition. While at it, check that the battery is in good shape.


A capable suspension will get you over most obstacles so inspect the shocks for leakage, damage and overall performance including the arms, mounts, springs and tire rods.


Brake pads and rotors tend to wear down especially if you’re a regular off-roader. They should be checked and replaced to avoid a disaster on the trail.

Basic tool kit

This one contains some general tools that may come in handy during your trip. This includes a mallet or hammer, a basic wrench and socket set, tow ropes, a jack, GPS or compass and a battery power pack.

Get in touch with us for more off-roading tips or if you’d like to give your 4X4 custom mods and upgrades.

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