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4X4 Vehicle Build Packages


DIXIE #1-Trail Prep & Safety Package-$99.99 SPECIAL

This service is recommended after every off road adventure to assure safe operation of your aftermarket suspension systems, steering components and drive shafts. We torque all suspension bolts, steering, drive shaft bolts. Inspect for any worn bushings, tie rods, ball joints, brakes and wheel bearings. Service all greaseable points on the suspension and drive shafts. 

  • Suspension Re Torque
  • Inspect Bushings/Joints
  • Grease all Zerk fittings in suspension/Drive Shafts 

DIXIE #2-Trail Prep & Safety Package-$299.99

This service is recommended at minimum once a year or anytime vehicle may have traversed deep water crossings, extreme dusty/sandy conditions, or simply high freeway miles. This service included all the services of #1 plus transfer case, front and rear diff service. This is not just to check for moisture but to remove any debris and inspect overall condition of gears and locker operation. 

  • All of #1 PLUS
  • Front and rear diff service
  • Pull diff covers
  • Flush Inspect gears
  • Inspect lockers Inspect covers for damage
  • Transfer case service
  • Clean and refill with fresh gear oil (standard gear oil only, synthetic at additional cost)

DIXIE #3-Trail Prep & Safety Package-$499.99

This service is recommended before a big off road ADVENTURE or big event trip where lots of strain on drivetrain components can occur. Not knowing if an axle is twisted or cracked before your trip can cause a day ending break. The only way to inspect your axle shafts is to pull them from the housings. We also check your vehicle for any codes. 

  • ALL of #2 PLUS 
  • Remove and inspect front and rear axle shafts
  • Scan vehicle computer for codes

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