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What To Expect From A National Truck Auto Shop

Dixie 4 Wheel Drive has been providing exceptional automotive care in Moab, Utah since 1948. Our hard work ethic and entrepreneurial heritage have seen us build this business into a nationally recognized off-road store with customers across the country. We are a full-service off-road superstore providing maintenance, repair and custom builds for all types of 4x4s.

As a national truck auto shop, we pride ourselves in giving only the best service for all our customers. Here’s what you can expect when you seek us out:

A family-owned business with a personal touch.

Even though we’ve grown to a nationally acclaimed, award-winning off-road store, we still maintain the personal touch of a family business. It’s not just about business with us, we also take time to know our customers and discover their automotive wants and needs. We like interacting with people and we are a huge part of the off-roading community both in Moab and St.George, Utah.

Exceptional service and customer care.

At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. We go to great lengths to ensure that you leave our store satisfied, whether you came in for a simple repair job or wanted a custom-built truck. We explain every step of what we do and make sure we do our work thoroughly well the first time so no complications will arise later.

Fair and honest prices.

In addition to exceptional customer care, you can expect fair and honest prices from us. We stock a variety of OEM and aftermarket parts and we take care to only have the best for our customers. When it comes to your truck, we will obtain prior authorization and provide an estimate for any and all work that needs to be done. We don’t blindside our customers with hidden charges and we keep you informed of our prices throughout the process.

Attention from 4x4 specialists.

All our 4x4 specialists and technicians are highly trained and experienced, having worked in the automotive industry for years. They employ the latest automotive technology to diagnose what’s wrong with your truck before fixing it. Our truck specialists are equipped to handle all major and minor work on all truck makes and models and will use their extensive knowledge to get your ride back on the road. Additionally, they will give advice and help you choose the right parts, mods and upgrades to complement your truck.

The best custom truck builds.

When it comes to tricking out your truck, you know you need the right mods and upgrades. Our specialized auto-store has everything needed from custom truck modifications to the tools and equipment needed to install those upgrades. We don’t just attach parts, we take time to ensure that they all work seamlessly to improve your truck’s handling and performance.

To get the best service for your truck call or pay us a visit at any of our locations today.

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