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Truck Performance Can Be Optimal with Engine Upgrades & Modifications

Truck drivers already know that their vehicles come with a lot of power, but a little more never hurt, right? If you are like the rest of us at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, you like the throaty roar of an amazing truck engine plus the powerful drive it brings. It’s heady stuff.

That’s why we understand truck owners who want to get upgrades and modifications to unlock their vehicle’s maximum potential. While getting custom truck lifts and suspension upgrades can certainly make a change to your truck’s performance, engine upgrades or modifications are the way to go if you want more horsepower and torque out of your machine.

Here are some ways to boost your pickup’s power:

  1. Install performance air filter and cold-air intake

Aftermarket air filters and cold-air intake systems help make your truck more efficient. Air filters reduce air flow restriction and effectively filter out any contaminants ensuring that clean air consistently gets to the engine. A cold-air intake, on the other hand, takes warm air from the outside, cools it and sucks it into the engine for combustion. The more air your engine receives, the better it can burn fuel for more horsepower.

  1. Upgrade the exhaust system

Your custom truck build wouldn’t be complete without upgrading your exhaust system. The factory mufflers your truck comes with are designed to prioritize noise reduction over performance. Replacing this with a larger capacity one e.g. a tuned cat-back exhaust, can give you as much as 20% more horsepower. In addition to increased power, your truck will also have a more powerful sound.

  1. Install supercharger or turbocharger

Both a supercharger and turbocharger are forced induction systems that can give you more engine power. They basically force more air into your engine’s combustion chamber, providing more oxygen to burn fuel. The only difference is where they get the air from. A supercharger draws power from the crankshaft whereas a turbocharger will utilize exhaust gases to increase air intake pressure.

  1. Consider engine tuners

Also called programmers, engine tuners are small electronic devices that help improve or manage diesel engine performance. They’re especially useful if you spend lots of time towing or if you regularly deal with hilly terrain or travel long distances. There are different types available and they’re cost-effective, easy to install and can improve your fuel economy. Additionally, some engine tuners allow custom tuning so you can adjust your truck’s horsepower output, torque and fuel efficiency as you wish.

  1. Schedule regular engine tune-ups

Taking your truck for regular tune-ups might not exactly increase power but it makes sure your rig’s performance is top-notch. Giving the engine a regular check-up helps ensure that all the truck systems are working properly and running smoothly. Any issues can be detected early, preventing more costly future repairs.

If you want to get more power out of your truck, stop by and we’ll help you decide which engine modifications and upgrades will suit your needs.

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