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Off Roading Trails To Put On Your 2019 Checklist

Now that the New Year is here, it’s time to try new things. Here at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we love to inspire people to break away from the pavement and discover the road less traveled. That’s why one of our resolutions this year is to organize more trail ride events and off-roading education classes to get as many people hooked on off-roading as we can.

Nothing quite compares to the adrenaline rush you get when you pit your off-roader against some of the toughest, gnarliest trails out there. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving on sand, dirt, mud or rock-crawling provided you get out there.

To help you get started, we decided to list some of the top off-roading destinations worth putting on your checklist this year. So grab your gear, jump into your favorite four-wheel drive vehicle and go check out these places:

  • Rubicon Trail, California.

No off-roading trail list would be complete without the Granddaddy of trails- the famous Rubicon. So iconic is this trail that Jeep even named a Wrangler after it. Running roughly from Lake Tahoe to Sacramento, this trail takes you on a relentless adventure over heaving granite slabs, gigantic boulders, dangerous ledges and deep mud-water crossings. Hard-core off-roaders will love it.

  • Moab, Utah.

Christened the off-road Mecca, Moab is a feast for anyone who loves the outdoors. The petrified sand dunes and sandstone “slickrock” provide great grip for custom trucks, Jeeps and other four-wheelers to creep up cliffs and squeeze over impossible crevices and boulders. At Moab, you can find a variety of trails from the tough to the downright nasty. Some trails to check out include White Rim, Poison Spider Mesa and Hell’s Revenge.

  • St. George, Utah.

The expansive Sand Hollow State Park in St. George Utah is paradise for off-roaders. With mile after mile sand dunes, sand trails and red rock, you’ll be spoilt for choice. You can sign up for one of our Sand Hollow trail rides or download a detailed map of the area to see which trails to explore first. There are also campsites available in the area plus a reservoir that’s perfect for fishing and swimming so you can take your whole family along for the adventure.

  • Ouray, Colorado.

Colorado is completely filled with off-roading locales that promise hours of technical driving combined with some of the most breathtaking scenery in the country. The mountains around Ouray offer unique backcountry adventures for Jeeps, 4x4s, dirt bikes and other OHVs with trails that vary from easy to challenging. Engineer Pass, the Lake Como Trail and Black Bear Pass are some of the trails to take on.

  • Arizona.

Just about anywhere in Arizona is bound to be great for four-wheel driving but there are some trails in the state that you should just check out. Notable ones include the Redington Pass, just outside Tucson, Wood Pecker Mine and the Broken Arrow Trail in Sedona.

So, what trails are you up to exploring this year?


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