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New Off Roading Trail In Sand Hollow State Park - Wayne's World


The St. George Jeepers have put in some great work clearing out a new trail in Sand Hollow State Park area. The new trail “Wayne's World” delivers great views along the real fun 6, 4, 5 and sand obstacles.

Below are a few off roading pictures taken this Tuesday while they put in the work clearing the trail and making runs. Although the trail needs a little more work and a few bushes cleaned out of the trail, it’s ready to go.

The group needs more jeeps on the trail and input on which way to serpentine up and down the obstacles, to get the full enjoyment out of the fabulous VIEWS and get through all the obstacles

“Wayne’s World” off roading trail offers bypasses on just about every obstacle. If a Jeeper just took the bypasses the trail is maybe a 3 or 4, but you would still enjoy the great views and can watch others doing the off road obstacles.

There are a couple of obstacles that can give you the feeling of, “Am I going to be able to drive this thing home”. After you’ve once been over them you’ll want to keep going back. There is enough of everything on this trail to make one of our favorite southern utah off roading trails.

*Content Paraphrased from St. George Jeepers Group

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