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Custom Dune Buggy Off Road Modifications

Dune buggies come in lots of different shapes and sizes and are both practical and fun. If we’re being honest, they’re more fun than practical, but isn’t that the point?

Whether you built yours from the ground up or bought it brand-new, there’s always something more to be done to improve its off-road usability and capability- and we at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive can help you with that. We understand how confusing it can be to sift through all the modifications in the market so we decided to give you some pointers on the best custom dune buggy modifications.

A Strong Roll Cage

Dune buggies are designed to be driven hard and fast. Since they’re light vehicles, they can reach thrilling top speeds increasing the chances of injury. A roll cage is our best recommendation to keep you and your passengers safe. Roll cages offer protection by stiffening your buggy’s chassis and absorbing impact in case of an accident. They come in metal and fiberglass options. Although fiberglass is the more expensive of the two, it’s lighter and increases your fuel economy. Don’t forget to have the roll bar padded to increase your safety and comfort.

Custom Built Bonnets

Since we’re big on safety, we also recommend getting some custom bonnets for your dune buggy. Like roll cages, they strengthen your rig and will absorb the shock from an impact. Go for fiberglass bonnet kits for both the front and rear of your dune buggy if you want to keep things light.

Suitable Off-Road Tires and Wheels

To shred through the dunes with ease, you need a sturdy set of wheels that can propel you through all that sand and dirt. Lightweight aluminum or steel wheels are built to take off-road abuse and they are available in different lugs and finishes like chrome.

When it comes to the kind of rubber you choose, sand tires are your best option as they hook better in the sand and keep you moving. You can opt for ribbed or smooth front tires and straight or v-shaped rear paddle tires, depending what best suits your vehicle.

Modified Off Roading Shocks

Strong shocks are essential when going on dune-shredding adventures where wheelies and air time are inevitable. You need good shocks to keep the ride smooth and prevent your stomach contents from finding their way back up. We have a nice selection of 2.0 coilover shocks for light sand rail buggies and 2.5 coilovers for heavier 4-seater dune buggies. We also have shock mounts and tabs to go with whichever set of shocks you purchase for your machine.

Improved Suspension For Trails

Suspension upgrades and modifications will help keep things in check when you get airborne over the dunes. Stock suspension components might not have what it takes to go off-road so you might need a simple replacement or heavy duty upgrade. Our experts will know just what kind of suspension kit will correlate to your buggy’s weight and height to give you maximum ground clearance and control in the sand.

A Powerful Braking System

Going at blazing speeds over dunes is all well and good, but you’ll need powerful brakes to ensure you come to a safe halt when necessary. Increase your braking power with an upgraded brake kit that comes with heavy-duty brake pads, brackets, conversion rotors and calipers, among other components. We’ll make sure your dune buggy has whatever you need to make safe and controlled stops every time.

Five Point Harnesses and Seatbelts

After upgrading your brakes, you need the right seatbelts so you or your passengers don’t go flying whenever you hit a bump on the trail or come to an abrupt stop. There are a variety of harnesses to choose from including 4, 5 or 6 point harnesses to ensure you are safely strapped in as you explore those dunes and off-road trails.

The best seats for a comfortable off road ride

You also require a comfortable seat so you don’t get tossed around too much. Suspension seats are designed with a little “give” and adequate cushioning for your ultimate comfort when going over rough terrain. Alternatively, if you’re concerned about your ride’s weight, you can go for fiberglass, polyethylene or plastic bucket seats. Since we know how much of a headache mounting seats can be, we have seat kits with sliders and frames to make the job easier.

Powerful Lights and Lighting Accessories

When the sun goes down and you stay out after dark, you’ll need a way to light up the dunes. Get your buggy fitted with lights that perform at optimal levels while adding to your dune buggy’s overall aesthetics. That’s why our inventory of dune buggy lighting and accessories only has the finest options for headlights, tail lights, spotlights, light bars, dome lights and turn signals as well as a range of housings, switches, relays and light covers to suit your vehicle’s make and model.

A Fully Customized Interior

Dune buggies are a work of art so spruce up your vehicle’s interior with a precision-cut aluminum dashboard and a billet dash panel with a chrome finish. You can also add some personality to your ride with a bespoke steering wheel, custom-made upholstery and personalized floor mats.

Don’t Forget These Modifications and Accessories

  • Door Sills

  • Whip flags and antennas

  • Grab handles and footrests

  • Front and rear bumpers

  • A roof rack

  • Interior and side mirrors

  • Coolers and storage bags

  • Recovery gear

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We at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive have everything you need to modify, upgrade or repair your sand storming ride. Take a look at our portfolio of custom dune buggy builds and picture how our innovative approach to 4x4 modifications could work for you. Each vehicle we complete is made to our customer’s exact specifications so your ride will be as unique as you are. To get started, send us an email at or phone us at 435.673.2546.

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