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  • There’s something about a lifted 4x4 that makes an impression on people. You see these cars cruising down the street several inches above the ground and sporting a set of gigantic tires and you think, “Hmm, I want one of those.”

  • Since opening its doors almost 6 decades ago, Dixie 4 Wheel Drive has grown into an award-winning off-road shop. With two prime locations in Moab and St. George, Utah, we are perfectly placed to cater to the needs and demands of avid off-roaders looking for rock crawling, sand stomping fun in the incredible southern Utah trails.

  • Your off-road vehicle was meant to be driven hard, driven often and driven over punishing terrain. You don’t intend to take it easy or choose forgiving routes - which is the whole point if you own a customized rig that’s designed to chew through whatever you throw at it.

  • The St. George Jeepers have put in some great work clearing out a new trail in Sand Hollow State Park area. The new trail “Wayne's World” delivers great views along the real fun 6, 4, 5 and sand obstacles.

    Below are a few off roading pictures taken this Tuesday while they put in the work clearing the trail and making runs. Although the trail needs a little more work and a few bushes cleaned out of the trail, it’s ready to go.

  • Jeeps and trucks were built not only to haul things from place to place but to also traverse rough terrain. If you own a 4x4 vehicle, the best way to maximize its potential is to take it off-road. You’ll enjoy the feeling of conquering a few sand dunes, exploring a rugged mountain road or even crossing a stream or two. However, not every four-wheeler that rolls off the lot is ready to handle conditions in the off-road world.

  • Off-road vehicles sure do take a lot of beating- what with rock crawling, going over large debris, bumpy rocky off roading trails and the occasional mud hole. Much as you enjoy it, such extreme driving can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s interior or exterior parts. Eventually, even the hardiest, toughest four wheeler wears down and its parts have to be upgraded, modified or repaired. When this happens, it’s time to go shopping.

  • If you’re looking to gain more ground clearance for your off-roading vehicle, a suspension lift kit will give you just that. But shopping for the lift kit can get pretty confusing pretty fast. Instead of combing through websites and forums, come into Dixie 4 Wheel Drive to talk with our experts about recommended lift kits for your specific vehicle. We’ve installed and repaired many lift kits on hundreds of vehicles.

  • When you own an off-road vehicle, you’ll want a specialized shop to help you out with repairs, modifications, and more. Though you might already have a trusted mechanic who does excellent work on your daily commute vehicle, the chances are slim that they will know what to do with custom modification components when they’re in need of repairs.

  • Ever since the first four wheel drive system was developed in 1903 by Spyker, we’ve been putting our 4x4 vehicles up against every possible challenge. That’s why off-road junkies come from around the United States to experience Utah off roading trails and terrain. Our incredible landscape offers snow capped mountains, swampy marshes, slippery sandstone, and sharp basalt. It’s no wonder we’re world-renowned for our adventurous lifestyle here in Utah.

  • Taking your 4x4 for service can be a scary experience. Most mechanics are great with straight from the factory cars, trucks, and parts. But when it comes to modifications, big lifts, digital upgrades, and other aftermarket custom builds, the typical mechanic might find themselves way in over their heads.

    If you’re in the southern Utah area and in need of custom build or repair work on your off road vehicle, take it to Dixie 4 Wheel Drive.


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