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The Best Lighting / LED Upgrades For Trucks

Trucks are the vehicle of choice for most car buyers thanks to their functionality, versatility, and dependability. These vehicles can do just about anything. Need to haul stuff? Just load it up. Want to go on an off-roading adventure? Pile in. Need a dependable daily driver? Your truck fits the bill.

If you want to take your rig off-road, you need to give it a few upgrades and modifications to boost its performance or improve its looks. One of the most common truck upgrades is hooking up a set of LED truck lights.

After all, why should your off-roading excursions end when the sun goes down? There’s still a lot of adventure to be had in the dark. You only need to set up your rig with powerful lights to illuminate your way and light up any obstacles or critters in your path and you’re good to go. Adding a set of new off-road LED lights is the best way to ensure you stay safe and have a good time on the trails.

Choosing the Best Lighting/LED Upgrades for your Truck

Trucks often come equipped with a set of standard halogen lights that might not have the power output you need. In this case, you can choose to upgrade to either HID or LED lights.

HID or high-intensity discharge lights are the brightest although they’re the most expensive and fragile. LED (light-emitting diodes) on the other hand, are more durable and consume less wattage. They give you enough illumination without draining your battery and the wide variety of LED lights available means you can easily get one that suits your needs.

When making your selection, be sure to focus on the life expectancy of the lights i.e. their durability, whether they come with a warranty, the bulb color you’d like as well as the price. You need to find lights that provide decent power while being friendly to your pocket.

Upgrading your Headlights

Headlight upgrades are a good choice as they help you see where you’re going. The upgrades basically focus on the brightness and beam pattern so you have to get both right. If the beam pattern is fuzzy, adding more powerful bulbs will be futile because you’ll just shine more light to the wrong place.

You can choose to either install HID or LED lights on your truck. Fitting HID headlights might call for installation of ballasts and you’ll probably need a new projector headlight assembly as well as some basic electrical wiring work. It’s best to leave this to the professionals and our Dixie 4 Wheel Drive truck specialists can help you with all your lighting upgrade needs.

Top Lighting Upgrades for Your Truck

  • Rock lights.

Rock lights are an easy way to add lighting to areas in your vehicle where you could use a little extra visibility. You can add them to your wheel wells to illuminate around your truck or even under your off-roader to illuminate the undercarriage. Some even decide to use rock lights to create special effects in the cabin or design accent lights for the hood

  • LED light bars.

Think of LED light bars as night vision for your rig. The outdoors can get rather dark at night so adding light bars allows you to flood a particular area with enough light to help you see the ground, pick out obstacles and avoid any animals you happen to come across. The right light bars can also give your off-roader a tough look. Light bars can be mounted on the grille, bumper or roof of your truck to shed light where you need it most.

  • Tailgate light bars.

Another great way to enhance your truck’s appearance is by getting a tailgate light bar upgrade. These are easy to install and will add visibility while ensuring your truck stands out from other vehicles on the road. This light bar will neatly fit in the recess between your truck’s tailgate and rear bumper and will be connected to the electrical system to work in conjunction with other lights. LED ones are the best choice since they can withstand constant vibration so will be unaffected by off-roading on rough terrain.

  • Cab lights.

Keep the roof of your truck well-lit for safety and style by installing some LED cab lights. These type of lights are both aesthetic and functional. They indicate the height of your vehicle, serving as a reference point at loading stations or for other drivers. Cab lights are available in a variety of styles, colors and diode types so you can dress up your truck’s cab to suit your preferences.

  • Upgraded fog lights.

When driving in inclement weather be it fog, snow or heavy rain, fog lights can increase your visibility. Getting fog lights with a great beam pattern and bright output ensures that you can see the edges of the road closest to your vehicle, increasing your safety. Custom fog lights with projector beams and LED halos are a good choice for any truck.

  • Cargo light upgrades.

Sometimes you just need to light up your truck bed, especially if you have a tonneau cover. Upgraded cargo lights can enhance your ability to see exactly what’s inside your truck bed and also provide light if you want to load or unload cargo. You can choose between battery powered or hardwired lights, strip lights or motion activated LEDs.

  • Interior & dome lights.

Sometimes we pay so much attention to our truck’s exterior that we forget the interior could benefit from an upgrade. If you have a custom truck build, why not upgrade the interior and dome lights to go with your custom dash, floor liners, and seat covers? These lights will not only improve your trucks appearance and ambiance but also boost your visibility by helping you find stuff in your vehicle.

These are just a few of the lighting upgrades you can get for your truck. If you’re looking for something specific, be sure to contact Dixie 4 Wheel Drive and we’ll be glad to help.

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